linux php环境安装_PHP –在Linux中安装PHP并创建开发环境

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linux php环境安装_PHP –在Linux中安装PHP并创建开发环境

linux php环境安装_PHP –在Linux中安装PHP并创建开发环境 linux php环境安装_PHP –在Linux中安装PHP并创建开发环境

linux php环境安装

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As stated previous post Php is portable language. Which makes Php supports a lot of different platforms. In this post we will look how to install Php and IDE named Eclipse in Linux operating system like Fedora and Ubuntu. During post we will give both Fedora or yum and Ubuntu apt instructions. Let’s start the installation process.

如前所述,Php是可移植语言。 这使得Php支持许多不同的平台。 在本文中,我们将研究如何在Linux操作系统(如Fedora和Ubuntu)中安装名为Eclipse的Php和IDE。 在发布期间,我们将同时提供Fedora或yum和Ubuntu apt说明。 让我们开始安装过程。

Fedora,CentOS,RedHat安装 (Fedora, CentOS, RedHat Installation)

In this part we assume we have all ready installed Fedora. We will install Php or Php interpreter and Eclipse.

在这一部分中,我们假设我们已经准备好安装Fedora。 我们将安装Php或Php解释器和Eclipse。

We will install Php with the command line package management tool named yum . We will issue following command in order to install Php interpreter and core libraries.

我们将使用名为yum的命令行软件包管理工具安装Php。 我们将发出以下命令以安装Php解释器和核心库。

$ sudo yum install php
linux php环境安装_PHP –在Linux中安装PHP并创建开发环境
Install Php

Next step is installing Eclipse we will install Eclipse Php .

下一步是安装Eclipse,我们将安装Eclipse Php。

$ sudo yum install eclipse-pdt.noarch -y
linux php环境安装_PHP –在Linux中安装PHP并创建开发环境
Install Eclipse

Ubuntu,Debian,Mint安装 (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint Installation)

We will install Php on ubuntu with the following command.


$ apt install php

We will install Eclipse on Ubuntu from following  url and unzip files.


替代IDE Nano或文本编辑器 (Alternative IDE Nano or Text Editor)

Another way to write Php code is using simple operating system provided text editor or third party editor. We will use nano as terminal based editor in this example.

编写Php代码的另一种方法是使用简单的操作系统提供的文本编辑器或第三方编辑器。 在此示例中,我们将使用nano作为基于终端的编辑器。

$ apt install nano
$ yum install nano

Now create file named index.php with the following command.


$ nano index.php

and add following lines to the file.



echo "Hello World";


Simply run Php interpreter by providing the code file named like below. We will run php against index.php

只需提供如下所示的代码文件即可运行Php解释器。 我们将针对index.php运行php

$ php index.php

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linux php环境安装

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