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masscan端口扫描_如何使用Masscan扫描顶部端口? masscan端口扫描_如何使用Masscan扫描顶部端口?


masscan is an alternative tool to the popular nmap . Actually masscan provides very less of the nmap but provides some huge adventages. masscan is designed to be fast and performative. nmap have popular feautre named top ports which option is --top-ports to scan specified number of most popular ports. masscan also provides this options too.

masscan是流行的nmap的替代工具。 实际上,Masscan提供的nmap很少,但是提供了一些巨大的资源。 masscan被设计为快速而masscannmap具有流行的feautre命名为top ports,该选项是--top-ports用于扫描指定数量的最受欢迎端口。 masscan也提供此选项。

Nmap顶部端口 (Nmap Top Ports)

We will start with scanning top ports in nmap . As stated previously we will use ---top-ports option the count of most popular ports. In this example we will scan most popular 10 ports.

我们将从扫描nmap顶部端口开始。 如前所述,我们将使用---top-ports选项对最流行的端口进行计数。 在此示例中,我们将扫描最流行的10个端口。

$ nmap --top-ports 10
Nmap Top Ports

马斯坎热门港口(Masscan Top Ports)

Now we will do same thing with masscan. masscan actually uses the nmap top port list which we will learn in the next step. For masscan we will use same option --top-ports in order to specify the top ports. In this example we will scan top 5 ports of the  which is a open, free test target provided by nmap.

现在,我们将对masscan做同样的事情。 masscan实际上使用了nmap顶部端口列表,我们将在下一步中学习。 对于masscan,我们将使用相同的选项--top-ports来指定顶部端口。 在此示例中,我们将扫描scanme.nmap.org前5个端口,该端口是nmap提供的开放,免费的测试目标。

$ masscan  --top-ports 5

But keep in mind that the masscan version 1.0.5 and newer supports --top-ports option.

但是请记住,masscan 1.0.5及更高版本支持--top-ports选项。

检查Masscan版本 (Check Masscan Version)

So in order to check wether our masscan version supports the --top-ports we will use -V option.


$ masscan -V
Check Masscan Version

列表顶部端口列表(List Top Port List)

Top port list of nmap is stored in  /usr/share/nmap/nmap-services file. We can view and investigate it with less command like below.

nmap的顶级端口列表存储在/usr/share/nmap/nmap-services文件中。 我们可以使用less命令来查看和研究它,如下所示。

$ less /usr/share/nmap/nmap-services
List Top Port List
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