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树莓派远程wi-fi_追逐Wi-Fi作为远程工作者AT&T联合LTE移动热点 how being a remote worker sucks. Sometimes I just need to get out of the home office and wander around town just to be near people. There's all this unspoken etiquette when you're a "homeless" remote worker and you're squatting in a café. How much do coffee does one buy in order to justified downloading an 8gig ISO over a coffee shop's bandwidth? Will a croissant cover it? You mean you don't like me showing up at 9am, taking a seat and leaving at 5pm? 成为一名远程工作者的烂话的博客。 有时候,我只需要离开家庭办公室,到镇上四处逛逛,就在人们附近。 当您是“无家可归”的远程工作者并且蹲在咖啡馆时,这一切都是不言而喻的。 为了证明有理由在咖啡店的带宽上下载8gig ISO,一个人要买多少咖啡? 羊角面包能盖住它吗? 您是说您不喜欢我早上9点出现,坐下并在下午5点离开吗?

Finding a spot is one thing, but finding good reliable internet is the biggest issue when you're a remote working nomad. I used to collect coffee shops and rank them by bandwidth, but often they are too unreliable. I want to be able to use Skype/Lync in HD, have a clear conversation, share my screen, remote into machines, and download and upload large files without sipping through their bandwidth straw.

找到位置是一回事,但是当您是远程工作的Nomad民族时找到一个可靠的互联网是最大的问题。 我曾经收集过咖啡店,并按带宽对它们进行排名,但通常它们过于不可靠。 我希望能够在高清环境中使用Skype / Lync ,进行清晰的对话,共享我的屏幕,远程访问机器以及下载和上传大文件而不会占用带宽。

I've even stopped using hotel wireless when travelling. It's just useless. For the last four years I've been carrying a Clear Hotspot around. It runs on the Sprint Network and works in all major US cities. I've been generally very happy with it. It doesn't work well inside buildings, but at a hotel if I put it in the window sill I can easily watch Netflix. It's $50 a month for unlimited internet and it's faster than tethering my iPhone 4S (with its fake 4G). Why pay so much? Because Clear is effectively unlimited, unlike my capped 5 gig iPhone plan, even though Clear isn't super fast.

我什至在旅行时都停止使用酒店无线。 没用在过去的四年中,我一直在畅游清晰热点。 它运行在Sprint网络上,并且可以在美国所有主要城市使用。 我对此一直很满意。 它在建筑物内不能很好地工作,但是如果在旅馆的窗台上放上它,我就可以轻松地观看Netflix。 这是每月50美元的无限制互联网,而且比捆绑我的iPhone 4S (带有伪造的4G)要快得多。 为什么要付这么多钱? 因为Clear实际上是无限的,这与我设定的上限5个月的iPhone计划不同,尽管Clear并不是超级快。

The local AT&T fellow loaned me an AT&T Unite Hotspot for a few months.

当地的AT&T研究员借给我一个AT&T Unite Hotspot了几个月。

设备 (The Device)

The hotspot is made by Sierra Wireless. It has LTE, a lovely 2.4" color touch screen and a large battery. It's a comfortable size with a decent heft, most of which is battery. The battery for this hotspot is 2500 mAh, in fact and lasts a long time. I've accidentally left it in my bag and found it still on hours later. It's rated for up to 10 hours of continuous use and I never had it stop on me even when using it a whole work day.

热点是由Sierra Wireless制作的。 它具有LTE,漂亮的2.4英寸彩色触摸屏和大电池。它的大小适中,很舒适,其中大部分是电池。该热点的电池实际上是2500 mAh,并且可以使用很长时间。 ve不小心将其放在我的书包中,并在数小时后发现它仍然存在,可以连续使用长达10个小时,即使我整天使用它,我也从未停止过。

You can have up to 10 devices connected to the Unite over Wi-Fi. This is great on trips with a few laptops, phones and tablets. Multiply this by a few people and you'll be happy you can fit 10.

您最多可以通过Wi-Fi将10台设备连接到Unite。 这对于带几台笔记本电脑,手机和平板电脑的旅行非常有用。 将此乘以几个人,您将很高兴可以容纳10个人。

It even has two external antenna spots, which could be useful when using in a building or the home as backup internet for the whole house.



The touch screen is very nice, responsive and totally obvious to use.



I love that this Unite hotspot shows not only the amount of data you've used but the numbers of days left until your data plan resets. This is a killer feature I miss on other hotspots.

喜欢这个Unite热点,它不仅显示您已使用的数据量,而且还显示重置数据计划之前还剩下的天数。 我错过了其他热点的杀手kill功能。


优点-速度 (The Pros - Speed)

Here's the bandwidth at my local McDonald's, whose Wi-Fi is ironically provided by AT&T Wireless (but clearly capped). Wi-Fi like this is is best for email and small videos, and clearly won't work for anyone who tried to push it (Skype, RDP, etc). Looks like 1.76Mbps.

这是我当地的麦当劳的带宽,具有讽刺意味的是,Wi-Fi由AT&T Wireless提供(但显然有上限)。 这样的Wi-Fi最适合用于电子邮件和小型视频,并且显然不适用于尝试推送的任何人(Skype,RDP等)。 看起来像1.76Mbps。


Here's my Clear 4G Hotspot. Now, this is holding it against a window and sitting smack in the middle of 4G territory. The Clear is one of those "works great until it totally doesn't work" things. I love it and take it everywhere, but there's no middle ground. It either has an awesome connection, or you might as well use your 3G phone. The Clear gets 8.94Mbps

这是我的Clear 4G热点。 现在,它正将其固定在窗户上,坐在4G区域的中间。 清除是其中一种“在完全不起作用之前效果很好”的事物之一。 我喜欢它并带到任何地方,但是没有中间立场。 它的连接很棒,或者您也可以使用3G手机。 清除获得8.94Mbps


Here's my iPhone 4S with Tethering (that I pay for) over Wi-Fi. This is with 5 bars on "4G" in the same location as the other devices. It's 3G+ as far as a I'm concerned as iPhone 4S 4G is a lie. I got lucky here with 3.43Mbps, but it's usually more like 1Mbps.

这是我的通过Wi-Fi共享网络的iPhone 4S(我为此付费)。 这是在“ 4G”上与其他设备位于同一位置的5条。 就我而言,这是3G +,因为iPhone 4S 4G是个谎言。 我在这里以3.43Mbps的速度很幸运,但通常更像是1Mbps。


Here's the AT&T Unite Hotspot, pumping not only 14.5Mbps down but nearly 6.5Mbps up. This was with just 3 bars of LTE!

这是AT&T Unite热点,不仅降低了14.5Mbps的速度,而且还提高了6.5Mbps的速度。 这只有3条LTE!


My conclusion after using this for a few months? LTE is no joke. I've seen it even faster but the net result is that this Hotspot is as fast as average folks' home internet. This extra upload headroom was totally noticeable for me when using Lync or Skype whilst sharing my screen. If you're pushing HD video as well as sharing your screen things start getting choppy with just a megabit.

使用几个月后我的结论是什么? LTE不是开玩笑。 我看到它的速度更快,但最终结果是,这个热点与普通人的家庭互联网一样快。 在共享屏幕的同时使用Lync或Skype时,这个额外的上传空间对于我来说是完全显而易见的。 如果您要推送高清视频以及共享屏幕,则只有一兆位的内容会变得断断续续。

缺点 (The Cons)

A small device with a large battery pushing 15Mbs nearly anywhere in the US? What's not to like? For me, the data plan.

在美国几乎任何地方都可以用一个带有大电池的小型设备将15Mb的电量推入? 不喜欢什么对我来说,数据计划。

It's US$50 for 5GB and $10 for each additional Gig. I really like the Clear device being unlimited, and while I used the Unite HARD for two billing cycles I bumped up against the 5GB twice and ended up around 6 to 7GB. Not enough to break the bank, but enough to wish for a 10GB or 20GB plan. If I went to 10GB it would be $100. That said, I'm not the typical user.

5GB为50美元,每增加一个Gig为10美元。 我真的很喜欢Clear设备不受限制,并且在我使用Unite HARD进行两个计费周期时,我两次碰到5GB,最终达到6至7GB。 不足以使银行破产,但足以希望有10GB或20GB的计划。 如果我使用10GB,则为$ 100。 就是说,我不是普通用户。

Alternatively you can add the Unite onto an existing Mobile Share Plan for $20 a month then add buckets of data to the plan to be shared across all devices.


结论 (Conclusion)

If you've already got an LTE phone with tethering it's questionable if you would need an Unite, but the battery life is the kicker. My phone can only tether for a few hours when it's being worked hard. It's nice to have a separate device that's just a hotspot. Also, considering my phone isn't LTE and I have a Clear spot I'm paying for now, the Unite is an attractive alternative with almost double the speed and easily double the battery over Clear.

如果您已经拥有可进行网络共享的LTE手机,则是否需要Unite值得怀疑,但是电池续航能力才是关键。 努力工作后,手机只能拴系几个小时。 拥有一个单独的只是热点的设备真是太好了。 此外,考虑到我的手机不是LTE,并且我现在要为Clear买单,Unite是一个极具吸引力的替代产品,速度几乎是Double的两倍,并且电池电量比Clear快一倍。

The Unite also has a bandwidth meter and shows the date your plan resets. This is such a nice touch. If you're in the market for a hotspot I can recommend the AT&T Unite. Even easier if you are already an AT&T customer and just want to add the line. The Unite hardware is really impressive. I'm sad to send this device back. The perfect price point for me would be 10GB for $75. At that point I'd switch off Clear in a second as a portable 15Mbps a second for 10 hours is almost too fabulous to resist.

Unite还具有带宽计,并显示您的计划重置日期。 这真是太好了。 如果您在热点市场中,我可以推荐AT&T Unite。 如果您已经是AT&T客户,并且只想添加产品线,那就更容易了。 Unite硬件的确令人印象深刻。 我很伤心发送此设备回来。 对我来说,理想的价格是10GB,价格为75美元。 到那时,我会在一秒钟内关闭Clear,因为每秒10Mbps的便携式15Mbps几乎不可思议。

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关于斯科特 (About Scott)

Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

斯科特·汉塞尔曼(Scott Hanselman)是前教授,前金融首席架构师,现在是演讲者,顾问,父亲,糖尿病患者和Microsoft员工。 他是一位失败的单口相声漫画家,一个玉米种植者和一本书的作者。

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