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Speech Information Systems MA program at ITMO的 ITMO about the ways our university helped jumpstart their careers. [More stories from our startups]: 语音信息系统 MA计划的毕业生进行了交谈,讨论了我们的大学如何帮助其开始职业生涯。 [更多来自我们的创业公司的故事]:
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  • Quantum communications: building 100% secure data transfer systems


ITMO大学的杂耍工作和学习CS版 ITMO UniversityITMO大学

课程 (The curriculum)

The curriculum of the ITMO Speech Information Systems program includes subjects such as digital signal processing, machine learning, multimodal biometrics, speech/sound recognition, and natural language processing. These are some of the most promising areas in modern computer science, and this list is regularly revised to stay current and relevant. Our graduates’ core competencies make them attractive to market-leading businesses, and ease the process of their transition from full-time studying to full-time work.

ITMO语音信息系统计划的课程包括数字信号处理,机器学习,多模式生物识别,语音/声音识别和自然语言处理等主题。 这些是现代计算机科学中最有前途的领域,该列表会定期修订以保持最新和相关性。 我们毕业生的核心竞争力使他们对市场领先的企业有吸引力,并简化了他们从全日制学习到全职工作的过渡过程。

“The Speech Information Systems MA program gave me the skills and the knowledge pertaining to software architecture and development, AI systems and machine learning in particular. It helped me land a job, as well as enrol into a Ph. D program, which I successfully completed in 2019,” said Dmitry Ryumin, a research fellow at the speech and multimodal interface laboratory of the St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences
“语音信息系统MA计划为我提供了有关软件体系结构和开发,特别是AI系统和机器学习的技能和知识。 它帮助我找到了工作,并参加了我于2019年成功完成的博士学位课程。” 圣彼得堡信息与自动化研究所语音和多模式界面实验室研究员Dmitry Ryumin说 俄罗斯科学院院士

Our students are encouraged to participate in international conferences related to speech processing, machine learning, data mining, computer vision, neural networks and artificial intelligence. This, too, helps them grow professionally. Once they graduate, they get an opportunity to continue working towards a dual-degree Ph. D, thanks to our partnerships with universities from Germany and Czechia.

我们鼓励学生参加与语音处理,机器学习,数据挖掘,计算机视觉,神经网络和人工智能有关的国际会议。 这也有助于他们专业成长。 毕业后,由于我们与德国和捷克共和国的大学合作,他们有机会继续攻读双学位博士学位。

For example, Aleksei Romanenko — the winner of the university’s “Best MA thesis” award in 2015 — is currently a Ph. D student. Once he graduates, he’ll get a dual degree, as if he studied at both ITMO and the University of Ulm. Dmitry Ryumin, the person we spoke to earlier in the article, spent three months interning at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen during his Ph. D studies.

例如,Aleksei Romanenko(2015年获得该大学“最佳文学硕士学位”奖)目前是一名博士学位。 毕业后,他将获得双学位,就好像他在ITMO和乌尔姆大学都学习过一样。 我们在本文前面与之交谈的人Dmitry Ryumin在其博士学位研究期间在比尔森的西波西米亚大学实习了三个月。

工作经验 (Work experience)

We partnered with the Speech Technology Center to help students put whatever they learned on campus into practice. At the beginning of each year, MA students pick a topic to research under the supervision of either a member of our academic staff or one of our partner companies’ employees. At the end of each semester, they report their findings and present their papers. Just like that, they get to ‘field test’ their knowledge, learn their way around commercial equipment and develop public speaking skills. Many of the students get hired by one of our partner companies even before they graduate.

我们与语音技术中心合作,帮助学生将在校园内学到的知识付诸实践。 每年年初,MA学生都会在我们的学术人员或合作伙伴公司的一名员工的监督下选择一个主题进行研究。 在每个学期末,他们报告他们的发现并发表论文。 如此一来,他们就可以“现场测试”他们的知识,学习如何使用商业设备并发展公共演讲技能。 许多学生甚至在毕业之前就被我们的合作公司之一雇用。

“I got a job at the Speech Technology Center as a first-year MA student. My work duties include: AI training, reading academic articles, and incorporating the ideas found in those articles into our products,” said Yuri Agafonov, an STC researcher.
“我在语音技术中心获得了一年级文学硕士的工作。 我的工作职责包括:AI培训,阅读学术文章,并将这些文章中的想法整合到我们的产品中。” STC研究人员Yuri Agafonov说。
ITMO大学的杂耍工作和学习CS版 Speech Technology Center语音技术中心

This collaboration strategy works out really well. Our students graduate with actual commercial experience that helps them find employment.

这种协作策略非常有效。 我们的学生具有实际的商业经验,可以帮助他们找到工作。

杂耍工作和学习 (Juggling work and study)

As a rule, all students are employed in addition to their educational pursuits, often from the very get-go. According to Yuri Agafonov, the schedules of MA students are less demanding to allow for ‘greater attention to research’. Some classes are remote or pre-recorded, and can be viewed at the students’ leisure. Some days are meant to be completely dedicated to internships and research.

通常,除了学习之外,所有学生通常都是从一开始就被雇用。 根据尤里·阿加福诺夫(Yuri Agafonov)的说法,文学硕士课程的时间表要求不高,因此可以“更加关注研究”。 有些班级是远程的或预先录制的,可以在学生闲暇时观看。 某些日子本应完全致力于实习和研究。

Working in the field also helps the educational process. Students are motivated by the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice. “I helped develop the Surdoserver educational portal for the hard of hearing while studying for my MA,” explained Dmitry Ryumin. The Speech Technology Center is very accommodating to employees with academic commitments outside of work.

在野外工作也有助于教育过程。 学生有机会将自己的知识付诸实践。 Dmitry Ryumin解释说:“在攻读我的文学硕士时,我帮助开发了Surdoserver教育门户网站,以使人们听不见 。” 语音技术中心非常适合员工在工作之余做出学术承诺。

— Yuri Agafonov

—尤里·阿加福诺夫(Yuri Agafonov)

Some students are already working in the field, and enrol into our MA program to study the latest in biometrics and speech synthesis. That was the case with Anton Alsufiev, a Speech Technology Center project manager.

一些学生已经在该领域工作,并报名参加我们的文学硕士课程,以研究最新的生物识别和语音合成。 语音技术中心项目经理Anton Alsufiev就是这种情况。

— Anton Alsufiev

—安东·阿苏菲耶夫(Anton Alsufiev)

As you can see, all our MA students get ample opportunities for employment. By the time they get their Master’s degrees, they’re proper professionals, ready to shape the future of speech tech and multimodal biometrics.

如您所见,我们所有的文学硕士学生都有充足的就业机会。 当他们获得硕士学位时,他们就是合适的专业人员,准备塑造语音技术和多模式生物识别技术的未来。

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